Döbröntei Zoltán



Leader of the "Napút (Sunway) Art Academy"

/About Napút [Sunway] Art Academy /

We founded Napút [Sunway] Art Academy in Hungary in 2007. All were welcome to apply to the three-year program regardless of their occupation, previous experience, or age. Notwithstanding the variety, we had determined to conceive art from the energetic source of anthroposophy and, by doing so, we have opened anthroposophy to the world through art. It is, indeed, greatly needed as sentiments of devilish inbreeding reign within the anthroposophical movement that, as such, cannot arrive at true questions of life.
It was important for us to establish our Academy on the 100th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s artistic impulse as we intended to fundamentally associate ourselves with this original initiative – also bearing in mind that within a hundred years, a spiritual impulse may be renewed just as much as it may pass.

Not only is Napút [Sunway] Art Academy a school where fine arts and anthroposophy are taught, but it is also a community. While it is difficult to tell the secret of what makes us a community, holidays definitely account for an important part. We have our own holidays. We celebrate Easter, Christmas, St. Michael's Day, as well as graduations and birthdays. Similarly to painting, we consider these ceremonies forms of artistic expression as well. We know that a community without its own, genuine, and commonly experienced festivities is all but lost.
Our celebrations bring a certain kind of mystery-atmosphere closer to the heart. In fact, these commemorations create an environment that appeals to the internalization of deeper spiritual contents. Anthroposophy ceases to be an abstract or intellectual truth. At Napút [Sunway] Art Academy everyone can experience the healing power of art.

The anthroposophical worldview allows for perceiving - and not only suffering - the problematic issues of the intellectual-cultural spheres. The explicit goal of Napút [Sunway] Art Academy is the healing of the arts. We do not exercise art therapy; instead, we intend to heal ailing art. Art is writhing between Lucifer’s light-world of selfish self-expression and Ahriman’s dark and mechanic worldview. Powers of the human heart need to be invoked. We have to find the path that leads from individual fantasy to common imagination. There are exact and objective images needed in the spiritual-intellectual realms as well. There is no help or progress if artists keep on fantasizing. Emphatic love is absent from artistic life. Contemporary art holds no love for the human being; it is cynical and rancorous towards them. Orthodox anthroposophical art, on the other hand, is only infatuated with itself.
We need empathy and, by reaching closer to human pain, we have raise it up to the heights of the cosmos in order to see what any of our deeds or volition are worth here on Earth. Art is capable of connecting historical depths of the soul with the divine prominence of the cosmos; that is, it can connect the Earth with the Sky.
Every image that relieves, elevates, and reveals our true pain and sorrow brings healing.

Consequently, the true character of art is of social-spiritual nature. Not only is it social, nor is it only spiritual, but it is an intertwining combination of these two notions that, in effect, outlines the essence of art. As such, this essential creature can only unfold its healing power when there is a spiritual meeting between humans or peoples, and when the inevitably divided Europe awakens to a spiritual consciousness. This is what we call Christian culture, Christian art.
The mission of Napút [Sunway] Art Academy is to find youth that bears the future and to discover the Eastern Europe that is currently in hiding. We seek out to Russians, Georgians, the Lithuanians, the Polish, the Ukrainians, the Serbs, the Croatians, the Romanians, the Czech, the Slovaks, and else in order to make the European West recognize its siblings in them.
The polarity of East and West and the mystery of the balancing Middle are inseparable from the arts. We gratefully welcome any help with finding partners on our journey.

Warm greetings from the hospitable Hungary,
on behalf of Napút [Sunway] Art Academy
Zoltán Döbröntei painter